Thursday, March 23, 2017

I don't need This When I Grow Up

This week Kirubel, my third child who is four years and half, is asking me to buy him many toy cars. Almost everyday, very seriously.  

One morning Kirubel wake up early morning to remind me to buy him the cars today.

Kirubel:  "Mom"
Me:        "Today you should buy my cars."

Thinking in search of a way out (and usually this is how I stop kids questions of 'buy me this', 'buy me that')

Me:  "Kirubel, I am buying you foods, clothes because these are what you need to survive and more I am paying you at good school and stationery. Such luxury things you will buy by yourself when you grow up"

Kirubel:  "Mom! what is wrong with you?"
Me:        shocked with the way he said "What?"
Kirubel:  "I don't need these toys when I grow up because I don't play when I grow up.  
Me:  "Really?"
Kirubel: "Mom, Don't you know grown ups don't play with toy cars? They drive a real car.  When I grow up I will buy a real car.  So, now you have to buy me a toy car now."

Sorry for my daughters, most of the time when they asked me to buy a toy this was my answer.  They were convinced and they don't ask that much. I just buy them with my own convenience.   Their brother managed to challenge my common answer. To be fair, I shouldn't buy him.  But, to be democratic, who believe in discussion at least for this time I am convinced and bought him one.