Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I am a Mom and I never thought I need freedom of speech to raise my kids!

Eden is my oldest daughter. She is 8 and half years old.   So far her knowledge of government is about providing electricity and water.  Eden’s questions stated as usual to know more.
Eden:    Mom, today there was no electricity almost for two hours.  Is there any country without power cut?
Me:        Yes, Eden there is many.
Eden:    It means they have good government.
Me:        Relatively yes.
Eden:    Can we change our government?  How can we change it? (Eden is always proactive on her questions)
I am shocked and kept quit.  Thinking what to say? How to say? Considering consequences I kept quit for long.  (As a child she is going to use my answers as her truth wherever she go whenever she needs it).  
Eden continued with her questions.
Eden:  Mom, have you ever seen change of government in this country?
Me:        Yes Eden.  Once, I was 11 but it happened after severe civil war.
Eden:    That is bad.  You mean is that the Ethio-Italy war? (that is the only war she learnt about so far)
Me:        No this is another was both side Ethiopian and many Ethiopian died both side. 
Eden:    Who fought for this government?
Me:        Many people Eden. 
Thinking how lucky she does not know the previous and this government.
Now, I couldn’t afford to answer any of her questions on this subject.  I gave up my freedom of speech even at home even with my 8 and half years daughter. I gave up mine for hers.  It is better to keep quit myself than telling her not to tell someone else.
I am not a politician.  I am just a mom.  I never thought freedom of speech will be my issue.  I never thought freedom of speech will affect the way I want to raise my kids and their mind development.

I use to think, it is good to explain as much as possible for children’s question for it broaden their mind and perspective.  But this time I don’t have enough freedom of speech to raise my kids the way they deserve.