Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life Lessons in Energy and Love

I have been in this world now for 38 years. For a long time I felt dead inside, until two years ago when I came back to life. Here is what I have learned and discovered on this journey:
The first thing that I have learned is that everything is made out of energy.
I guess I didn’t pay much attention in science class because this is actually a scientific fact. Science has been teaching and proving it for years. It has become real to me because I have seen and do see energy in the sky and all around. This energy can and is felt in our bodies — the reason for this is that our bodies are made up of energy. This causes us to be electromagnetic.
It reminds me of the old saying, “That which you sow, so shall you reap.” If we are constantly thinking negative thoughts and saying things such as “My life is crap,” or “Can this get any worse?” then that is what we will continue to experience. We will, like a magnet, attract more negativity.
We are focusing on the very thing that we don’t want and just continuing to create more of that.
At the same time if we are thinking positive, feeling joyful, being grateful and recognizing the gifts in this life, then we will receive and create more of that — more positivity, more joy, more bliss. We will also be able to recognize that it is all good.
There is so much beauty in this world to be seen and experienced.
When is the last time that we just stopped for a moment and listened to or appreciated all the beautiful things in this world? When was the last time we listened to the birds singing to us, or recognized that our pets are showing us how to love unconditionally? The animals in the forests live virtually stress-free because they know how to go with the flow of life.
We are capable of feeling this energy flowing and surging through our body.
It is also possible to feel another person’s energy.
A good example of this would be when you walk into the room and things just don’t feel right, or you feel very comfortable and at peace. Another good example is when a person walks in and it feels like the room becomes brighter and everyone is drawn to him or her.
All things in this world are made up of energy. The difference in the energy is that we are all vibrating at different frequencies.
As we begin to wake up and remember who we are and learn to love and accept ourselves for the truly magnificent beings that we are, our perceptions and knowing will change.
The whole world will change!
It will be all that is real — unconditional love, light, joy, bliss, prosperity, peace, freedom and abundance in all things. We will begin to sense the pure ecstasy and euphoria of life!
All people on this planet just want to be loved and accepted for who they truly are.
Have you ever noticed to what lengths a little child will go just to get your attention? They are just saying in their way, look at me, and love me. Adults do the same thing to greater or lesser degrees.
Everyone wants to know and feel that they are loved unconditionally.
All people show and express love as much as they are capable. It all starts with us, internally, in our loving and acceptance of ourselves, and then we are able to love everyone unconditionally. We are able to see them and love and accept them for who they truly are.
People are not what they do, they are so much more! When you transform the fear you will find there is only love.
Love=Freedom and Freedom=Love
Love is the Key to everything!
Love is the Universal Language!
Through Love all things change and become what is real!