Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Make Manifesting Money FUN!

Manifesting Money happens so much more easily when you relax and have fun with it. Yes, money is a serious issue - especially if you are struggling to stay afloat. But manifesting money from a serious, worried state of mind is impossible.
The energy of abundance is fun, lighthearted, free, enthusiastic and inspiring. Having money is fun - and that's what you're really craving by wanting more money, right?
If you start injecting an element of FUN into your money manifesting exercises, you'll see much quicker progress.
Here are a few ideas for doing that:
- Let me count the ways!
Hold a dollar bill in your hands, and pretend that it's a one-million-dollar bill. Now, count the endless ways you will use this money.
Speak it aloud in present tense. "First, I'm going to deposit this in the bank. Then I'm going to have checks cut for my closest family members. Then I'm going to make a big donation to my favorite charity. Then I'm going straight to the car dealership to buy my brand new (state the make and model car). Then I'm going to have checks cut to pay off ALL of my existing debt. Then I'll stop at the travel agency and finally book that cruise around the world . . . this is going to be so much fun!"
Keep going with fun, exciting ideas that inspire you.
I am a magnet for money!
Before you leave the house one morning (or do it every day if you like), spend a few minutes imagining that your vibration frequency is changing so that you become a MAGNET for money.
Imagine yourself walking down the street and finding coins and bills on the ground.
Imagine putting your hand into your coat pocket and finding a $20 bill.
Imagine receiving unexpected checks in the mail. Imagine money popping into your life from endless directions - all completely easy and effortless. Imagine laughing and feeling so inspired and happy because money keeps finding its way to you.
Then, as you go about your day, intend that it's really happening. "Money is flowing to me like crazy today" - keep saying it and know that it's true. Before long, you'll see the proof! :-)
- Pay bills with a boomerang.
Have you ever seen a boomerang? It's a curved piece of wood.  When you throw it, makes a large arc through the air and comes right back to you.
When you pay your bills, affirm joyfully and playfully that the universe will now return every penny that you just sent out. If you paid out $100, affirm out loud that that amount or more will quickly find its way back to you. Do this for any amount of money you pay out.
Same thing when you are buying goods at stores and markets. Affirm that whenever you spend money, that amount plus more is immediately returned to you.
The key with this technique is to REALLY TRUST and KNOW that the money WILL be returned - don't worry or fret about when or how it will come back. Just send the money out and KNOW that it's coming back to you quickly. If you do this regularly and really focus on believing it fully, you'll be amazed how well it works!
Remember, each of these exercises is for the sole purpose of helping you relax and have FUN attracting money and abundance! Be easy with them, and even create your own games if you feel inspired to. They do wonders in relaxing your chronic thoughts about money, which improves your frequency on the subject of money, and therefore allows money to flow easily.