Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We are ONE …. We are the World …..

Last Saturday, I was enjoying at home with my kids. My door is knocked. It was the health worker as usual to give vaccination for Polio. My kids have got the vaccination at school two days ago.  I have informed her and she left. But, she didn’t left from my heart. With sincere donation of Melinda & Gate Foundation I am raising healthy and strong kids. I start to think further. What if they didn’t do this?  Ofcourse, God has his own way. But on this very issue they allowed him to use their life and most moms of this age even in the poorest countries are raising polio free kids and more free health service for kids and moms. Deeply thinking of this, I just believe we are ONE. I mean all the people of this world are ONE. I just can’t make a big deal of all the politics and I strongly believed we all are one family who care to eachother to this depth without even knowing in person. 

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