Friday, March 31, 2017

Why Do I Write? 40 Reasons Challenge!

Bryan Hutchinson' challenge has challenged me a lot.  And I accepted the challenge! Well, I never thought in this detail why I write?
  1. I write because I feel alive when I write.
  2. I write to organize my thoughts.
  3. I write because I am very passionate writer.
  4. Writing is my best hobby.
  5. I write because writing is fun.
  6. When I write I feel connected to other who could possible read.
  7. I write to share my opinion.
  8. I write to express my love.
  9. I write to express my feelings.
  10. I write to get others understanding.
  11. I write to encourage people to be their best.
  12. I write to express my opinion about personal behaviors.
  13. I write to comment on political situations.  
  14. I write my review on books.
  15. I write to comment public services.
  16. I write my breath of the day and the vibration in it.
  17. I love to write the way the stars communicate with me.
  18. I write my feelings to be understood.
  19. I write my life because it is worth to remember.
  20. I write to get inspirations.
  21. I write to share my inspirations with others.
  22. I write to teach.  I am a great teacher who is life long learner.
  23. I write to keep the memory of my children's childhood.
  24. I write to vent my hard times.
  25. I write to feed my ego.
  26. I write because my pen is my best friend.
  27.  I write to think clearly.
  28.  I write to think deeper.
  29.  I write to get more courage to write.
  30.  When I write I feel connected to the other world.
  40. I write because I am a writer.