Monday, March 20, 2017

Why Do You Need All These Kids?

My oldest daughter Eden was three and half years old when I have my third child.  My husband and I thought we have done all the brain washing very well with both our daughters about for them to feel nice about the new comer baby boy.  From the day we came from hospital with their brother they were seriously following up how is he? How much everybody is carrying for him? And more importantly how much he was occupying me?

In his third day with the family Eden came to me to ask me very serious question without forgetting to behave nice with him.

Eden:  "Mom"
Me:     "Yeas Eden"
Eden:  "Why do you need too many children?"

I was shocked to hear this from three and half years old girl.  But I choose to listen to her and see how much is she understanding the situation.

Me:    "Which Children?"
Eden: "You have me; and then you came with Saron, my sister (still behaving nice); and now you have our brother  and then ......."
"Why do you need all of us? I mean Why?"

I just kept quite.  I don't have words to say at all. She was totally overwhelmed and she has expressed herself very well in a very humble way.   Honestly, I was also overwhelmed.  Maybe she have noticed that also.

I told my husband when he came home.  I called my mom and dad and told them.  We laughed a lot. And then as a mom who cares the deepest feeling of her children, the challenge they may face if we keep going for the more kids,  I have noted her comment very well and stayed with the three of them. 

Now, Eden is eight her sister six and her little brother is four and half.  We are taking our time to enjoy life with them and thinking seriously why do we need too many children?