Monday, October 24, 2011

Using the Power of Hypnosis for Motivation

In today’s competitive society people everyone wants an edge—that little something extra that pushes us toward our goals. One technique, hypnosis, is becoming a popular way to get and stay motivated. In this article we’ll discuss the many possibilities of using hypnosis for motivation, as well as some basic visualizations you can use to experience firsthand the potential for this powerful practice.
There are several main principles behind using hypnosis for motivation. The first and most important is to gain control over your mind. It’s very difficult to get things done when your mind is wandering, and it’s even harder to set goals for the future if you’re not even fully present in the current moment.
Learning to Relax
The first skills you’ll work on when you start using hypnosis for motivation are relaxation and concentration. This is typically done by finding a comfortable spot that is free from the many distractions of everyday life. Once you’re comfortable you basically sit and be with yourself. You can use many techniques to accomplish this, but the most common are to pay attention to your breath or focus on a particular object.

Letting Go
When you attempt to sit still and quiet, you’ll quickly find that your mind is constantly bombarded with numerous thoughts. The goal is to enter a state of relaxation unbothered by any worldly concerns, so every time a thought pops into your head acknowledge its presence and then let it go. With practice you’ll find that your thoughts become few and far between and you’ll be well on your way to using hypnosis for motivation.

Once you’ve attained a state of deep relaxation you’re ready to move onto visualization. What you choose to visualize will vary based on your goals and desires, but the point of the exercise is to get familiar with the feeling that achieving your goals would bring about.
Let’s say your goal is to run a marathon. An effective visualization would be to go over the entire race from start to finish and try to mentally experience what it will feel like when you finally reach the finish line and see your family cheering for you. This is just one of many possible scenarios of using hypnosis for motivation, so get creative and see what you can come up with.
If your goals are business oriented, then maybe you can picture yourself as the CEO or high-ranking member of the company. In addition, you could picture yourself conducting board room meetings or giving speeches about how you attained your success. Hypnosis for motivation should be fun and enjoyable, and with practice, you’re sure to see results.

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